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Post  Admin Susaphone on Wed Nov 21, 2012 3:11 am

Hello & Welcome to Rs Revival!
Here you can become apart of one of the greatest clans in the making! Admission is currently free & will remain free for life! Why? Because paying to be apart of a game where you already have to pay to do everything is stupid. At least we think so.

So what are we about here at Rs Revival?:
EOC Tips
Money making
I won't bore you with all the details. Here at Rs Revival anyone can join and be apart of something that is truly great. Everyone here is aimed to help you, and further your Runescape experience! With anything from quests to weapons, there is surely something here for everyone.
Once you register on the forums as a member, you are automatically admitted official membership into the clan! Pretty freaking awesome right?
How are we going to maintain a professional clan when anyone can join?
It is no easy task, as anyone can join thus creating a melting pot for players of any background. However, everyone has something they can bring to the table, and it is with this that we are proud to say we are the most professional clan around!
Does your clan have an in game clan hq?
As of now no we do not, nor do we plan on having one. These are just a hindrance when the entire realm is our HQ.
Clan Ranking System:

Remember, to get ranked up in the clan you should try your best to do the following: Be respectful, help other clan mates, host events, and post on the forums.

Recruit: Newer members to the clan. Recruits will get their first promotion by either capping, hosting events, posting on the forum, or donating.

Corporal: These are members who are still relatively new to the clan and have capped at least once, hosted events, and/or posted on the forum consistently.

Sergeant: This is a rank very similar to the Corporal rank. Basically, these are members who have done the things of a Corporal and have been in the clan for a little while now.

Lieutenant:This is an automatic rank you will become if you donate. Only VIP are this Rank.

Captain: These are very active members in the clan. They host events nearly every week, post multiple times a day, and cap nearly every week. They have the power to accept applications on the forums and invite members.

General: These are basically veteran Captains in the clan. There is no real difference between this rank and the Captain except the prestige. Although, you must donate in order to advance from Captain to General, and the donation does not secure that you will receive the promotion to General. You must meet the other criteria as well.
*This requires a second donation on top of the Lieutenant*

Admin: These are the leaders of the clan. They host events at least once a week, post around 3+ times a day, and cap every single week. They have the ability to take the avatar out for other clan members and also promote/demote/kick members. I will trust in their decisions.

Organizer: Basically, these are veteran admins. Again, like the General rank, there is no difference between it and the Admin rank except the prestige. No donations are required to achieve this rank.

Coordinator: These are the admins of the clan that help manage the citadel. They know the citadel inside and out and are a huge help. No donations necessary.

Overseer: These are basically veteran Coordinators. No donations needed to achieve this rank.

Deputy: The co-owners of the clan. I and the other Deps will talk to possible Deps. This rank will rarely be given out as I will more likely than not leave these to my founders.


Join today!
-Susaphone king
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