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Post  Admin Susaphone on Wed Nov 21, 2012 8:40 pm

The Rs Revival Clan Rules

Like all great clans in Runescape, we have rules. We are a clan with very open minds about everything so we try to limit our rules. The rules that we do have are strictly enforced however. We do this to avoid conflicts in the clan chat. We will not kick on a first transgression, but rather warn you. If it continues to be an issue, we will take action how we feel necessary, whether it be a kick, a demotion, or anything else we feel is reasonable for the rules being broken.


1. Respect your fellow clan mates.

2. No trolling and/or spamming in the clan chat. We like to keep it fun in the clan chat and all trolling and spamming does is interrupt conversations and even start disputes.

3. No swearing in the clan chat. We have many younger members (and older ones as well) that do not like to be exposed to this kind of language, so it is much appreciated if you keep the swearing to a minimum. Furthermore, swearing shows a lack of respect, and we need to respect each other as much as possible.

4. No begging in the clan chat (whether it be for money, ranks, or anything else). It is one thing to ask for assistance, but is another to beg for it.

5. Talks of drugs, alcohol, and other inappropriate subjects should be kept out of the clan chat. Just like with swearing, we have members that would prefer not to be exposed to this kind of talk so it is much appreciated if you keep this out of the clan chat as well.

6. Do not discuss gambling in the clan chat. It is a very touchy subject and is bound to cause arguments.

7. Produce your own ore (and/or precious ore) and charcoal before making bars (and/or precious bars) unless given permission by someone else. This helps us to not accidentally steal others' resources.
*This is currently not applicable*

8. Have fun!!!

Thank you & Welcome
-Susaphone king
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