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Want to host an Event?

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Want to host an Event? Empty Want to host an Event?

Post  Admin Susaphone on Wed Nov 21, 2012 9:32 pm

So you want to host an Event?

That's awesome but you will need to make sure you do the following to ensure that it isn't canceled via the staff!

Make sure you have these basic questions answered & requirements met!

Requirements to host:
1. Must be at least of the Corporal Rank
2. Have the Event approved at least a week in advance
3. Acknowledge that failure to follow through with an event can result in demotion(s)
*Even if you are VIP - You can lose your rank!*

Questions to be answered:
1. Did you meet & acknowledge the requirements to host an event?
2. What type of event is this?
3. Where will it be held?
4. Which world?
5. Member/nonmember?
6. Date of Event? (subject to change)
7. Will you be recording the event?
8. Do you promise to follow through with this event regardless of the size of participants?
9. Is the goal to recruit more members/just for fun/other? (If other, explain)
10. Are you submitting this at least 1 week in advance? (If not please be ready to show that a Mod has given you permission to do so)

Those are just some basic questions that you will need to be ready to answer.

Thank you for wanting to make this a better community!
-Susaphone king
Admin Susaphone
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