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Guide to 15-50m/day Merchanting

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Guide to 15-50m/day Merchanting Empty Guide to 15-50m/day Merchanting

Post  Admin Susaphone on Wed Nov 21, 2012 4:47 pm

*Repost of info I discovered*

I have heard of many peoples sucess in making millions with this guide. If you would like to donate to me it would be greatly appreciated and I am currently taking RSGP. Send me a msg if you would like to donate.

Here is a quick merchanting guide to how i make 15m+/day

First pick an item, make sure it has some demand and is with 5%+ and 5%-. I will post a list of items and limits at the end of this guide.

Buy one of this item at 5%+, then sell it for 5% minus. Right click on the Grand Exchange Clerk and select history. Here is an example of a rune kite:

As you can see our price margin is 34,501-35,687. We will use this margin to merchant!
You would buy 100 rune kites for 34,511 each and sell for 35,679 each. The reason you add a few gp is to outbid the other buyers decreasing the time buy alot and the profit by a little.

Here is an example of me merchanting archers' rings. I did this one quickly so the profit is not that big.



216,668gp profit for about 5 minutes of work because I rushed it. When you merchant make sure and be patient to get the maximum ammount of profit. Doing this on 6 items/ every 5 mins/ 24 hours is 374m profit in 24 hours. These numbers arn't realistic but, you get the point.

Items I like to merchant and there limits:

Limit 10/4hrs

Ahrim's Robeskirt
Ahrim's Robetop
Karil's X-bow
Karil's Leathertop
Dharok's Platelegs
Dharok's Platebody
Torag's Helm
Torag's Platelegs
Torag's Platebody
Dragon 2h
Dragon legs
Dragon boots
Dragon hatchets
Dragon chain
Dark Bow
Armadyl Helm
Bandos Chestplate
Bandos Tassets
Zamorakian Spear
Black Mask
Bandos Boots
Archers' Ring
Berserker Ring
Sara Sword
Verac's Set
Guthan's Set
Dharok's Set
Dragon Claws

Limit: 100/4 hours

Granite Maul
Regen Brace

Limit: 5k/4 hours

Prayer Potion (4)

Limit: 10k/4 hours

Dragon Bones

Limit: 20k/4 hours

Raw Shark
Raw Rocktail
Red Chinchompa

Limit: 25k/4 hours

Blood Rune
Death Rune
Astral Rune

Refer here to see all g e limits. You have to scroll down a bit

Remember, always be patient with merchanting it takes some time but makes tons of money. Try a bunch of items out and see what works the best. Try to make 2%+ per investment or its not worth the time. If there is a 25%+ price margin the item is most likely unstable so stay away from it.

Stopped playing for a year then got back into it for a month from scratch, here is some profit:
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